UKC CH Shades Lazy Days Stand Tall For Akiva


Shades Lazy Days Stand Tall For Akiva


About “Kadan”

Ke’ao’s Hawaiian name means “Light of Day”. Ke’ao was born on 9-11-2016, and his show name is to honor all those who lost their lives on 9-11. Ke’ao is a free heart and a natural showman in the ring! He can turn his energy on or off like flipping a light switch. Ke’ao got off to a rocky start by unknowingly breaking the growth plate in his back leg as a very young puppy. He had to have extensive Surgery when he was 10 weeks old and lost all his puppy time healing and going through rehabilitation with his amazing Owner Sandi! He had no real show training but at 8 months old entered his first show and won. He is now a Champion and continues to impress us with his graceful movement and his showmanship attitude. 

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Video Gallery

View Ke’ao in action at AKC conformation events he participated in working towards his titles!