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Shades of Excellence has been in the business of designing customized websites for over 15 years! Whether you simply need a company logo design, or a full-blown e-commerce-driven website, Shades of Excellence can meet your needs at a reasonable price. Below you'll find details on the services we offer!


About Our Website Designs

SHADES OF EXCELLENCE WEBSITE DESIGN specializes in web pages for the personal user and small business owner. With over 15 years experience in graphics and web design, we have the skill to create an attractive website or logo to meet your personal or business needs!

Our website designs can incorporate a variety of features ranging from basic html to complex, dynamic data-driven pages using Flash, Javascript, Active Server Pages, CSS and PHP. Data storage capabilities include support for Microsoft Access or MS SQL databases.



Features & Pricing

The basic cost of one "personal" or "pet" page layout is $50.00 for the first page; an additional $50 for each extra page.

Business sites are billed at $50 per hour - this includes graphics design, photo reworking and any custom work. For more complex sites (e.g. sites with more than five pages), we offer a flat fee payment option, based on actual number of pages and features required.


We can custom design you a Logo for your website, stationery or business card! The cost is based on how detailed you want the graphics and lettering. Costs start at $50 for a basic logo; for detailed logos, we will quote a price based on the amount of detail and design time required.


In order to view your website, you'll need a place to keep your web pages! We offer website hosting at our Host Server - $80 yearly for personal websites, and $130 per year for commercial sites. The benefits of hosting your website through us include:

  • Low cost ($80/yr for Personal, $130/yr for Commercial)
  • free domain name registration (.com, .org or .net domain names only - e.g.,
  • 1Gigabyte storage space
  • unlimited email
  • ASP/PHP support

For further details on features offered, click here.

There is a one-time non-refundable setup fee of $50 for new accounts.


Before we can begin work on your project, we require a deposit of 50% of the total agreed upon cost. After we have completed all work to your satisfaction, the remaining balance will become due and payable.

We will maintain support for your website based on your needs. All clients receive three months free support upon completion of their website. If you need additional support we will provide it on an hourly charge basis. If you require ongoing support (data entry, frequent page updating, email support) we offer a monthly or yearly flat rate charge for support.

If you are interested in any of our services, please contact us and we'll be glad to help!



About the Designer
David & Cynthia Lutz
David & Cynthia Lutz
Shades of Excellence

Welcome! My name is David Lutz. I have over 20 years experience in the field of Information Technology, and over 15 years in the area of graphics and web page design. Basicly, I'm what most people would consider to be a computer geek, although I do have another life with my Great Danes ;). I have been designing web pages since 1991 when the web was first starting to become popular. My experience includes graphics design using a wide variety of software programs including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand and Flash. I am experienced with a variety of web based programs and technologies including static and dynamic html, javascript, vbscript (ASP), PHP and XML. I have extensive experience with coding, having started with a plain text editor, then moving up to Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft Access, MS-SQL and MySql.

It is my distinct pleasure to be able to offer my services to individuals and small businesses in need of a professional-looking website. All sites I design are with the customer's ideas in mind! I do not force my ideas on you, the paying customer! My job is not complete until you are completely satisfied with the appearance and functionality of your website.



Sample Websites



Contact Us!

Interested parties should contact Shades of Excellence Web Designs at:

We look forward to providing your web design needs!


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