Welcome to Ace-Hi Great Danes. Our name means Number 1, and that, is what we strive for. Number 1 in temperament, soundness, type, brains and health. We believe that with proper health screening, a sound foundation temperament and a little common sense, the Danes that we have and possibly the Danes that you can get from us will be the epitome of what a Great Dane should be.

We have raised and placed show and obedience dogs from our last 2 breedings. We have been involved with the breed since 1991. My love of the Danes started when my husband purchased a black bitch. I wasn't interested in the breed since at the time I had an English Springer Spaniel and 4 children. I needed a dog that was good with them. I have learned that you couldn't ask for a better dog with kids than a Dane. Gentle souls and patience to spare, I was hooked. To make a long story short, we bred Belle and I kept a harl girl to show. Her harl littermate sister stayed in California and finished. Lacey has 5 AKC points. My daughter is following her heart and shows Lacey in Jr. competition. She has hopes of finishing her. Belle is no longer with us but her memory remains. Currently in residence at Ace-Hi are Ace-Hi's Pearls-N-Lace, CH. Char-Mats Special Edition and CH. Char-Mats Destined By Ragz.

We are members of the Great Dane Club of America, the Great Dane Club of Greater K.C. and the Great Dane Club of NE. We actively compete in conformation with our Danes. All of our Danes are housedogs who enjoy sharing our house and bed with us. We think that each Dane should be first and foremost, a loved pet. If someone were to call and ask if we have pets available, the answer would be yes. All of our Danes are companion pets as well as show dogs.


Ace-Hi's Pearls-N-Lace. . . Lacey is about as serious as a harlequin can get. If they can ever be serious. At 6 years old, she is the matriarch of the house. She rules with even temperament from the oldest of our children to the youngest of our danes. Yet she loves to play in the snow, chase balls and thinks that she's still 2.
CH. Char-Mats Destined By Ragz aka Destiny is our first owner-handled champion in our home. She is a joy to behold. Strong, muscular, elegant and very much a Dane. She has the beauty of a fawn with the fun, never take things too seriously nature of our harlequin.
CH. Char-Mats Special Edition ...Kahn was the second Dane to finish in our home. A laid back attitude and never in a hurry, he took his sweet time to grow up and finish. Kahn is 38" at his shoulder and 180# of pure "just love me".

Our first attempt at breeding was the harlequin color. In the 2 litters that we had in 4 years, we only produced 2 show dogs from our first breeding. Heart in hand, I started looking into fawns. The beauty and elegance of CH. Anre's Starr Of Midland captured my eye. I knew that I wanted a girl. Annie's first breeding consisted of only 1 girl. So, the wait was on. Annie's second litter had plenty of girls and she was bred to BISS CH. VZTops Ragtime Boy V Flm'g Oak! My little girl was on the way. With having already purchased Kahn, we wanted something that would compliment breeding to him as well. At this time, we are eagerly waiting for Destiny to come into season. This is a new start for Ace-Hi in color, our first fawn & brindle breeding. Our colors may have changed but our standards have not.

Both parents have been OFA certified, thyroid normal and heart clear. The eye certifications are to be done in January. This litter is to be futurity nominated. Inquiries are welcome. We will keep you posted as the date nears.

All of our pets will be sold on a spay/neuter contract with limited registration. We never want one of our puppies to be a puppy machine. This in no way takes away from the quality and health of the Dane that you purchase from us. We will always have an open door policy to our buyers, they can call us at any hour of the day or night and be assured that they will talk to a real person who will laugh at the antics of their Dane, cheer over the accomplishments and help through any troubled times that you may have. We love hearing from people who have bought a puppy from us in the past.

We stand behind each and every puppy that we sell. If for any reason, you cannot keep your Great Dane, we require that the puppy or dog that you purchase from us be returned. We guarantee all puppies against crippling health defects and will replace or refund the price of your Dane if they are found to have a genetic disability. All that we ask is that you have the proper health screenings performed before the dog is 26 months of age.


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